Asking to everybody that uses this web site.
About the e-mail to webmaster
Please send e-mail to webmaster by using the mail form.
Please send it to by using your mailer when you cannot use the mail form. And, please write 'Ki-iro Club' in the title(Subject) when you send e-mail without using the mail form.
I have received quite a lot of spam mail. Then, I have done the reception limitation setting to my mail server. Then, I am prohibiting the receiving e-mail including a specific key word in the title(Subject). There are a lot of key words. They are increasing gradually. (Signs, "RE:" and "FW:" are the prohibition key words. )
And, the e-mails sent from the free mail address('@yahoo.**','hotmail',etc.) or address for which two or more times were used by spam mails are not received.
I am sorry if you are using these addresses.
If you have already known webmaster's e-mail address, and even if you have sent e-mails, it may not reach because of the title(Subject) and 'From'address. You should write 'Ki-iro Club' in the title of e-mail.
(All E-mails which title is 'Ki-iro Club' can be received.)
About writing BBS (bulletin board)
BBS (bulletin board) that has been opened to the public as contents of this Web site is only for Japanese.
The article that doesn't contain any Japanese character cannot be written on a part of BBS (bulletin board).
Writing what applies to the following is prohibited.
- Contravening a law.
- Slandering the individual and the group. Giving them the disadvantage. Ruining those confidence.
- Involving some invasion of privacy.
- Doing business and solicit not relating to the site (BBS of the correspondence).
- Advertisement of specific thought and religion. Political activity.
- Introduction of site of improper content.
- Improper content, or what webmaster judged to be unsuitable for outline of site (BBS of correspondence).
What applies to the above-mentioned might be deleted without a previous notice.
About links
The link from the site where man and woman's meeting, the site where adult contents are assumed to be the main content, and the site of content that corresponds to above-mentioned "prohibited of BBS (bulletin board)" is offered is not permitted.
These are link banners. (Please download and use it.)
The explanation of the material has been described in the page of 'Materials'.