Ki-iro Club
Welcome, this is Shammy's homepage.

Ki-iro is meaning yellow in Japan.
I am a skijumping fan.
Yellow is the color of the champion's bib.

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Hello. Welcome to Shammy's homepage "Ki-iro-Club".
There are two main contents in this homepage. One is cheering Japanese jumper Kazuki Nishishita(unofficial) --but I like Masahiko Harada,too :-) --.
Another is gathering laymen who want to try skijumping.
In Japan, to try skijumping is so difficult for amateurs other than competitors or them in the making.
But, skijumping fans gathering "Let's try jump board" here are wishing not only watching but jumping themselves.
I'm sorry for what almost contents have been written in Japanese only as yet.
But if you took interest in these contents, I feel so happy.

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